Character Matters

Character Matters: High Fidelity


What is fidelity? It’s kind of a word that’s fallen out of fashion these days, but the dictionary definition says it means something like “faithfulness to a person, cause, or belief, demonstrated by continuing loyalty and support”. Often to contemporary ears, that means talking about marriage or long-term partnered relationships, but in this teaching, Leah considers how fidelity can impact all of our significant relationships and what Jesus, who was never married, might have to say about it.

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Character Matters: Your Interests or Mine?


In this teaching, Leah continues the Character Matters teaching series exploring how we balance concerns for caring for our own needs, with caring for the needs of others. How should we think about generosity and altruism? When does it cross the line into foolishness? What might Jesus have to say about these questions?

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Character Matters: Is Honesty the Best Policy?

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We’re living in a moment where misinformation is all around us; where it feels increasingly difficult to nail down what’s true, what’s false, what’s real, what’s not. Maybe we feel like giving up on trying to know the truth altogether. Believe it or not, the temptation to misrepresent information has been with us a long time, and Jesus had some things to say about it.

In this second teaching in our Lenten series, Character Matters, Leah considers the impact of dishonesty, and how Jesus' perspective on it might help us in our present moment.

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Character Matters: An Introduction

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Do broader public conversations leave you wondering if matters of personal character or integrity have any value any more? Over the next four Sunday services, taking us through the season of Lent, we'll explore the relevance of character development in our contemporary world, and how Jesus might helps us to navigate the cultural confusion in a way that brings life, freedom, and joy.

In this first teaching in the series, Leah tackles the question of how conversations around  personal character might be relevant, and why character seemed to matter to Jesus. Oh, and we talk about Mr. Rogers.

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