Connecting to Your True Self

CC license: Image by Juli Shannon

When we're new to a community, it's easy to want to blend in and be interesting, funny, and attractive by other people's standards. There's no shame in this--many mammals do this!

And yet, to have a life filled with meaning and joy, it's important to get connected to who we really are. This week, Leah explores the story of Gideon, a man who's hiding out in a desperate situation when God sends him a message... and how does he respond?

To find out what happened to Gideon--and get a sense of where and what journey you may be on--listen in below or read Leahs's outline

At the end of the talk, we got to hear Bryan Stevenson speak about his journey in working for prison justice. Watch the whole thing (or just from 22:50 on) for a powerful reminder of the connection that's possible when we continue on our journeys, even when the going gets hard!