Listening to Dissonance

Cracks Beach, by John Vonderlin, on Flickr

"... and in that moment it was like... something cracked, in my whole understanding of the life I was living, of the family I was a part of. The ground underneath me fell apart, and it doesn't feel normal. This can't be real, what's happening right now.

"But it is, and I don't know how to put together what this is going to mean. It was a moment in my life, of what I would call profound dissonance." 

What do we do with dissonance, when we're hearing something we didn't expect or weren't prepared for? Is it a sign that we're hearing things wrong... or can God actually speak to us in those moments? 

Listen to Leah's reflections below, or read the outline to absorb what it means to listen for God, when what you're hearing doesn't make sense.