Get the Weed Whacker

Thriving Soybeans

"Historically, the church, like most other social groups, has a hard time with tension and a hard time with mess. We tend to do one of two things: 

We either withdraw from places of tension and mess and try to establish our own neatly-tended and weedless gardens...

Or we get sucked into the power game, the empire game. We start thinking, if we can just get enough control, we can tamp down on all these weeds for everyone. 

But God isn't like that. He wants to bring in as much good wheat as possible. And he is patient. He's willing to endure the mess now, for as long as it takes to get the most wheat..."

So what do we do with a messy, difficult, and at times painful election season? Listen in or read the notes for more on living and voting well, both during Election Day and afterwards."