Liz Gill: Talking with God

"A few years back, I was in a situation where I had to make a decision.

I was in the process of working with a team to open a coffee shop and community center in Worcester, Massachusetts. And I was really excited – I had written in a journal years before that I wanted to open a coffee shop and community center where kids could learn how to use video equipment and make videos and put together stories, like in the news business where I had worked before.

Also on my team was my boyfriend. . . and things were pretty cool. But then the boyfriend surprised me with a breakup, and not very nicely. I tried to stay on that team but I couldn't. It was too painful to be near him and I was pretty broken up – so I quit. 

Crazy, right – I quit my dream job? 

And then I started looking for a new job. . ." 

Want to hear more of Liz' story? Check out the audio message below, or read the notes to hear more about how she has cultivated a practice of listening to God!