Listen: With the Body

". . . For those of you who have been through that season in life, of preparing to get married. . . you probably know that wedding planning is one of the exercises in getting to know your future spouse.

You fall in love, and then you engage in this. . . hell for however many months, and if you're still in love on the other side, you get married!

For Jason and I, we had this whole list of places we needed to go and venues to check on. . . and it was a Saturday, and I guess I didn't eat a very big breakfast. And Jason is very efficient, saying, let's get these things done and we can go on with our day.

Logically, I would agree with that. But around 11:30, my body started to feel a bit differently. . . . 

What's up with our bodies, and how do they integrate with the rest of us? And how can we use our bodies to connect in with God? Listen below, or read the notes to hear more about embodied practices you can take to connect with and listen to God.