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Leper, Outcast, Unclean!

Peter kept having this vision: eat the unclean food. This goes back to the law of Moses, when the Israelites were told that they needed to be clean to live in camp. Unclean people were removed from society, living outside the camp until their sickness or impurity has expired.

This came from the belief that being ceremonially unclean was highly contagious… whether it came from sinful behavior, contact with animals or eating certain foods, or even a skin disorder or a woman’s monthly period.

This understanding of clean vs. unclean people shaped how they saw the world, their role in it, and the role of others.

So what is God saying to Jesus’ follower Peter, when he tells him to eat unclean food? And what is he saying to us about who is part of our community? View this video we watched together:

And then listen to Leah’s message below, or check her sermon notes for more.