We're not the type of faith community to define ourselves primarily by a Statement of Faith. At Haven, our vision is to live into a unique identity as a community, holding three values in tension: being safe, diverse, and Jesus-centered. We’ve observed a number of communities that seem to embody two of these three, but at Haven, our hope is to live into the center where all three intersect. Living into this vision is very much a work-in-progress, but this is the journey we’re trying to take at Haven.

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Understanding the Values:


All people are free to participate without fear of judgement or exile.


We seek to include folks from a multiplicity of races, ethnicities, classes, sexual orientations, gender identities, (dis)abilities, family structures, faith backgrounds, political persuasions, levels of belief and doubt, and so on.


Our spiritual orientation is rooted in an orthodox Christian faith, though we recognize the complexity of interpretation. In practice this means:

  • We find Jesus uniquely helpful in connecting with God. 

  • We interact with the Divine through the Holy Spirit.

  • The Bible plays a significant role in informing our faith.

Understanding the Intersections

Safe + Diverse (Justice Organizations)

These groups understand the need to address intersectional and structural inequalities to create safety for all.

Safe + Jesus-Centered (Monocultural Churches)

The majority of the population is from one group. Often this feels safer for marginalized groups who become the majority, but can feel uncomfortable for some who don’t feel they fit in.

Diverse + Jesus-Centered (Many Multiethnic or LGBTQ “Welcoming but Not Affirming” Churches)

All are welcome, but must assimilate into the majority culture. 

Safe + Diverse + Jesus-Centered (the goal of Haven)

  • We are actively pursuing diverse inclusion at all organizational levels. 

  • We recognize the impact of trauma in spiritual communities and seek to create a space that brings healing to past wounds.

  • We invite everyone into personal growth as we share the work of creating safety for the whole group, rather than expecting only some of us to adjust.

  • We follow Jesus into radical inclusion, believing we connect with God more when we honor different points of view. This includes learning from our brothers and sisters of other faiths and traditions.