A Generous Faithfulness

The Importance of Intergenerational Faith Communities


Jill Gidlund has over 20 years in the area of nurturing children's spirituality.  On this Sunday, Jill spoke to Haven about the value of intergenerational worship, and how Haven could grow in thoughtfully engaging with the children in our community.  

In February 2018, Jill Gidlund accepted a position as the Pastor to Children and Families at Haven Berkeley.

Relational Currency


What might economics have to do with how we relate to one another? What do financial matters have to do with our relational conflicts, and how we navigate them? Are we always required to forgive one another when we've been wronged, even in circumstances of abuse or oppression? All of these are questions Leah tackles in her latest teaching on  "A Generous Faithfulness".

Review the notes or listen to the teaching below.

What Does It Mean to Be Human?


On October 29th, we kicked off a new teaching series, titled "A Generous Faithfulness", about the kind of experience of Jesus-centered faith we're trying to move towards. Rather than focusing on what we're breaking away from (as in "Smashing Idols") we're turning our focus on what we're living into. This first teaching in the new series features reflections from Leah's middle school years, insights from Brené Brown's latest book, and a challenging parable of Jesus. 

Look at Leah's notes or listen to the teaching below. (Be aware, the audio is somewhat unclear the first four minutes of the teaching, but improves significantly after that.)