Who are the good guys?

This summer, we've been coming close to very old stories from the Bible, ones that make us wonder a lot about humans and what it means to be family, know God, experience nature, and lots of other things. One of our biggest ponderings came after hearing the story of Abraham and Sarah one week, and how God promised Abraham that he would be the father of a great family. We had good feelings about Abraham and Sarah and were excited when the story ended with Isaac, their "laughter" son, being born. The next week, though, we heard Hagar's story and felt so bad for her in the way she was treated, the way she was taken from her home. It was hard to imagine Old Sarah being so cruel to her. We talked about jealousy and how it can make people behave. We talked about how our view of who the good guys and the bad guys are change as we hear stories from different perspectives. This wondering has stayed with us as we heard the story of Jacob and Esau this past week. Different feelings were expressed in the wondering time about what was fair for the brothers and how each of them might have felt at different points in their story. 

We will continue in these Old Testament stories for the next few months, and I wanted to share the updated story schedule with you: 

August 19: Joseph, September 2: The Exodus, September 16: The 10 Best Ways, October 7: The Ark and The Tent, October 21: The Ark and The Temple, November 4: The Exile and Return, November 18: Jonah