Knowing Jesus in a New Way


 Last week, the story of Thomas was our lesson in Godly Play.  The script says "And of course he had some doubts. Their minds were stretching, stretching, stretching to be big enough to know Jesus in this new way." 

The Godly Play script uses the texts Luke 24:36-43 and John 20:19-29 to tell Thomas' story. I was really marveling the details and sense of wonder of these experiences told together--Jesus' appearance in the locked room to the disciples and then his subsequent appearance to the disciples when Thomas was present.

We are always learning to know Jesus in a new way, that is the truth of these stories. Instead of continuing with the post-resurrections stories next month, as might be the traditional Eastertide story cycle, we'll be going back to the very beginning in our Godly Play class, telling the stories of the people of God from the Old Testament.  I'm looking forward to sharing these stories with the children.