Advent with Children

This coming Sunday, we begin the season of advent, a time of preparation for Christmas. During advent, we focus on the idea of Christ’s coming into all times and all places. We remember that Jesus was born as a little baby once here on earth, that somehow Jesus comes into our world today and into our own beings and doings, and that one day, Jesus will come into every injustice, every hurt, every broken part of the world and make it absolutely right and healed.

For children, advent can feel a strange time to exist in. They are excited and are pretty focused on Christmas. Setting aside time to reflect, be still, light candles together, can all help center the whole family on the season of pondering that advent can be.

In Godly Play class, the children will hear the advent story in terms of a journey. We are all on the journey to Bethlehem together, starting with the prophets who showed the way, the Mother Mary and the Father Joseph, the shepherds and wise men, all of these players in the story are headed once again to Bethlehem with us in this time and in this place.

We light the advent candles each week, enjoy the light, but when we blow them out we acknowledge the light has been changed, now, the light of the prophets, the light of the holy family, can go out and fill up every space and be with us wherever we go. This language of “changing the light” so that it can not just be in one small flame but spread out thinner and further until we can’t see it anymore but know that it is with us is very helpful.

May the light that grows in advent shine on you and your families.