We are thrilled to be a faith community affiliated with Blue Ocean Faith. Blue Ocean Faith is a non-profit organization that seeks to initiate new kinds of life-giving, productive conversations between people of strong faith, people of no faith, and others all along the spectrum, as they find common ground in their common searches for meaning, purpose, and God. One exciting way Blue Ocean is seeking to do this is through a robust website that focuses on meaning called Horatio. Horatio draws content from workplaces, science, culture, spirituality and lifestyle considerations. 

Blue Ocean also includes a network of like-minded churches that are seeking to chart new paths (into the Blue Ocean) in engaging the world around them. Through shared resources and ideas, events and conferences, and significant friendships, we benefit greatly from our connection to Blue Ocean. In fact, our parent faith community is a Blue Ocean Church, the Sanctuary Community Church.

For those curious to know more, here are some helpful perspectives that Blue Ocean communities tend to share.